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The Importance of Discipline in Schools 

At one time, our country was considered to have the smartest young minds in the world. However, lately the United States public schools are struggling to compete academically with other developed countries. The most recent assessment ranks our country’s test scores fifth in the world. In addition, and perhaps more disconcerting, is the growing incidents of violence in our public schools. There have been more shootings and fights in our schools than ever before. Newly elected President George W. Bush has this issue high on his agenda. Public schools are being forced to consider mandatory uniforms to reduce violence and to raise our poor academic performance, even if the student loses his/her right to dress the way they want to.

Since April of 1999 when the tragic school shooting at Columbine High School happened, schools have been looking for a solution to this terrible violence. Due to the number of gangs and cliques that are formed today, choice of clothing can start fights between peers on a daily basis. All gangs have colors, and to have a mandatory uniform would eliminate the wearing of gang material to school. Secondly, because of the looseness and bagginess of the clothes that teenagers wear, it is easy to hide things such as weapons in their clothing. A uniform consisting of khaki pants and a collared shirt would completely solve this problem. Lastly, due to the bad messages that are on clothing these days, children can be influenced by many different things. T-shirts promoting musicians with bad messages, violence and other negative things are not needed in a learning environment. With the installment of mandatory school uniforms, the public school will no longer be a place for violence.

In United States public schools today, test scores are dropping faster than ever before. Designer clothing and jewelry seem to have in a teenagers life nowadays than their schoolwork. However, if they do not have to worry about what to wear every morning to school, than the focus will once again be to learn. Also, because some children are not as fortunate as others and can not afford nice clothes they are made fun of and belittled by their peers. However, if every student wore the same thing, the emphasis on nice clothes would diminish and the less fortunate student will once again feel good about him/herself and will try harder and do better in school. If school uniforms became mandatory, grades and test scores would increase, especially for males because females would no longer be able to wear skimpy outfits. Consequently, since some schools have started the use of school uniforms, cases of sexual harassment have gone way down. With the focus back to education because of school uniforms, our country’s kids can once again go to school eager to learn.

Although school uniforms have proven to be a great solution to problems of violence and poor academic performance, most children still object. Firstly, the great majority of students say that school uniforms take away from their freedom of self-expression. However, if you consider that these kids are only at school for a short time of their weekly agenda, and may wear whatever they want to wear after school and on the weekends. Yet still students complain about the uniforms being uncomfortable and very boring to wear. But if you asked a Columbine High School student if they would trade a little comfort for the friends that they lost they would have wished that they had had uniforms at their school.. Lastly, because school uniforms can sometimes run high in price, poor families can not afford to purchase a uniform for their child. However, programs for financial aid and possibly free uniforms for less fortunate students have been developed to overcome such problems. For kids these days, freedom does not come easy, but can come at a deadly price.

Do to influences that our children have and experience, schools are considering mandatory uniforms to extricate violence and poor academic performance out of our schools, even if it means the student loses his/her right to dress the way they want to. In society today, most children choose to rebel against their elders, regardless of the experience and knowledge that they have and try to pass on. As a nation we need to come together to solve this problem of violence and bad grades in our schools. If we choose to push this problem aside and deal with it later, when it comes time for our generation to run the country we will be in serious trouble. We owe it to our kids to discipline and correct their wrong doing.

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